Processing file types

Cyg OB2 processing file type definitions

The table below defines the file types and associated naming convention for Cyg OB2 processing data products. Files produced by CXCDS standard data processing (SDP) and taken straight from the archive are listed with "SDP" and the processing level.

File type Description File name
obs_dir Directory for observation obsid obs<obsid>/
obs_asol Corrected aspect solution file obs<obsid>/asol1.fits
obs_uncor_asol Original aspect solution file (SDP level-1) obs<obsid>/uncor_asol1.fits
obs_evt1 Event file (SDP level-1) obs<obsid>/acis_evt1.fits
obs_evt2 Level-2 event file (custom processed, aspect-corrected) obs<obsid>/acis_evt2.fits
obs_pbk0 Parameter block file (SDP level-0) obs<obsid>/acis_pbk0.fits
obs_bias0 Bias map (SDP level-0) obs<obsid>/acis_bias0.fits
obs_fov1 Field of view file (SDP level-1) obs<obsid>/acis_fov1.fits
obs_msk1 Instrument mask file (SDP level-1) obs<obsid>/acis_msk1.fits
obs_mtl1 Mission timeline file (SDP level-1) obs<obsid>/acis_mtl1.fits
obs_flt1 Good time interval file (SDP level-1) obs<obsid>/acis_flt1.fits
obs_bpix1 Bad pixel file (SDP level-1) obs<obsid>/acis_bpix1.fits
obs_src2 Celldetect source list (SDP level-2) obs<obsid>/acis_src2.fits
obs_img JPEG image of obs_evt (filtered 0.5-7 keV) obs<obsid>/acis_img.fits
obs_acisi_img JPEG image of ACIS-I events (filtered 0.5-7 keV) obs<obsid>/acis_0123_img.fits
obs_celldet_filt_src Source list for obsid from celldetect (snr>3.5 and expo_ratio>0.95) obs<obsid>/celldet_filt_src.fits
obs_asphist Aspect histogram for obsid obs<obsid>/asphist.fits
ccd_dir Directory for one band (e.g. soft, hard) of one CCD obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>
ccd_img JPEG image of events in CCD (filtered 0.5-7 keV) obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/acis_img.fits
ccd_evt Events (Level-2) for one band of one CCD obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/acis_evt2.fits
ccd_instmap Instrument map (one CCD band) obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/instmap.fits
ccd_expmap Exposure map (one CCD band) obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/expmap.fits
celldet_src Celldetect source list (one CCD band) obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/celldet_src.fits
celldet_filt_src Celldetect source list (one CCD band with snr>3.5 and expo_ratio>0.95) obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/celldet_filt_src.fits
wavdet_src Wavdetect source list (one CCD band) obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/wavdet_src.fits
wavdet_scell Wavdetect source cells file (one CCD band) obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/wavdet_scell.fits
wavdet_imgfile Wavdetect reconstructed source image file (one CCD band) obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/wavdet_imgfile.fits
wavdet_nbkg Wavdetect normalized background file (one CCD band) obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/wavdet_nbkg.fits
src_dir Directory for one detected source obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/src<srcid>
src_img JPEG image of source events (0.5-7 keV) obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/src<srcid>/acis_img.fits
src_reg Source extraction region obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/src<srcid>/src.reg
bkg_reg Background region obs<obsid>/ccd<ccd>/<xband>/src<srcid>/bkg.reg